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10          Issue #98  March 2021                                                       

        Swimming with the Sea Lions – March 2021

        By Victoria Klassen                   came when the Sea Lions swimmers
                                              were asked what they were happiest
            he Sea Lions are happy to be out  about upon returning to the pool.
        Tof lockdown and back in the water
                                                 “Smelling like chlorine,” said
        once again.  This month features a    Byron Roche.
        variety of Sea Lions’ perspectives on
                                                 Chloe Carter-Edwards and Makayla
        returning to the sport of swimming.
                                              Duval said they were excited to see
          “Swimming can be a very             each other and their swim friends
        demanding sport. For lack of a more   once again.
        eloquent way of putting it, practices
                                                 “The sense of normalcy,” shared
        are hard.  The motivation that these
        young people have to get themselves   Lily Mackenzie about returning to
                                              the water.
        to the pool, often before dawn, in the
        cold of winter, in order to push their   Adele  Van  Loon  and  Kenley
        bodies to their limit is incredibly  Lindsay said they were glad to be
        impressive,” shared Sheilagh McNeil,  back being active.
        head coach of the Sea Lions.             Katie Laroux summed it up for all

          When asked how it felt to return  of the swimmers: “Goggle marks are
        to training, swimmers expressed  back in fashion.”                          Kahlee Lariviere with Byron Roche, inset photo           Photo Submitted
        the  difficulty  of  getting  back  into   Athletes were also asked what they   While goggle marks are back in       “Going in and out of lockdown is
        swimming shape.                       had not missed about practices during   fashion for the most part, Mackenzie  very difficult. There is nothing quite

          “Painful,” said Adele Van Loon.     the lockdown. Kahlee Lariviere said   Lauzon said she did not miss goggles   like swimming, and each time there is
                                              she  has  not  missed  falling  asleep   leaving circles around her eyes.   a shut-down, swimmers have to retrain
          “Hard!” said Kenley Lindsay.
                                              during the national anthem at school,    Despite the early mornings and  their bodies and lungs to compete in
          Rori Campbell expressed, “Stairs    while Rori Campbell similarly  cold water, all of the Sea Lions are  the water,” said McNeil. “I give them
        are rough again. I could not get up the
                                              expressed not missing diving into a  happy to trade a bit of sleep and some  full credit. They have come back out
        stairs at school and our school has so   freezing cold pool at 6AM. Max Rose  sore muscles for the opportunity to be  of this shut down happy to be back,
        many stairs. I had to crawl.”
                                              and others said they had not missed  back in the water and training with  ready to put the work in, and looking
          The most enthusiastic answers  the muscle cramps and charley horses.  their Sea Lions family once again.        forward to the future.”

          South Branch Garage presents

          “Game On” in South Glengarry

          Meet our Athletes

                                                    Erika Andrews

                                                 Age: 15 Grade: 10
                                                 Hometown: Bainsville
                                                 School: Char-Lan DHS                                Family Owned and Operated for 40 Years
                                                 The Game On in South Glengarry
                                                 athlete for the month is Erika Andrews.                         We have Diagnostic Tools for
                                                 Erika is 15 and attends Char-Lan                                 Domestic & Import Vehicles
                                                 District High School, where she plays                            •  Offer All Mechanical & Electrical
                                                 center for the basketball team. Erika                 Antique      Repairs for vehicles New and Old
                                                 discovered her love of basketball at                             •  Engine and Transmission Repair
                                                 an early age and has pursued the sport                           •  Air Conditioning
                                                 ever since. She says that she enjoys                             •  Trailer & Commercial Safety Inspections
                                                 the fast-paced excitement of the game                            •  New & Used parts
                                                 and how unpredictable it can be. She                             •  We repair recreational Vehicles,
                                                                                                       Current      Snow blowers, 4 wheelers etc.
           says she always strives to improve herself as a basketball player, whether it
           be by practicing one skill or working to master a new game plan. Erika and                                ONLY   $          00
           her teammates have won 1st place in the SD&G Junior Girls Basketball                                                62per hour
           Championship and have competed in events such as EOSSA.
           Although she’s yet to decide on a definitive career path, Erika hopes to one day             Import                    U-Haul Rental Location

           pursue a career in the field of science or math. She is an Honour Roll student

           and has competed in academic events such as the Eastern Ontario Optimist    18364 County Rd. 19, South Glengarry, ON
           Oratorical Speaking Contest.
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