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                                      UPG R A D E T O                MAZDA

                 120 DAYS                           0.5%                 UP TO A $1,000               AN UNLIMITED
                 NO MONTHLY                       PURCHASE                i-ACTIV AWD                     MILEAGE
             FINANCE PAYMENTS                    FINANCING                    CREDIT    ▼               WARRANTY *                                  CX30 model shown
                                         PLUS, AN UNWAVERING COMMITMENT TO SAFETY                                         2021 CX-30 GX
                                                                                                                         LEASE FROM THE EQUILAVENT OF
                                                                                                                        $ 79 AT  3.45       %
                                                                                                                     WEEKLY FOR 48 MONTHS, WITH $0 DOWN
                                                                                                                                EXCLUDES HST
                                                                                                                       $156 BI-WEEKLY PAYMENT REQUIRED

             GT model shown                                                       GT model shown                    GT model shown
                                                                    VISIT CORNWALLMAZDA.COM for details     ZOOM-ZOOM
                 2021 MAZDA‚ GX                        2021 CX5 GX                         2021 CX9 GS AWD
                                                                                            7-PASSENGER SEATING
                 6-SPEED AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION                                        613-933-6210
                 $    †          %                     $    †          %   3301 Brookdale avenue, cornwall
                  69  AT 2.95 APR                       89  AT 2.95 APR                      109  AT 2.45 APR
                                                                                            WEEKLY FOR 48 MONTHS, WITH $1,695 DOWN.
                 WEEKLY FOR 48 MONTHS, WITH $595 DOWN.
           DEALER OF DISTINCTION                       WEEKLY FOR 48 MONTHS, WITH $0 DOWN.  “Where sales are built on service”
                 EXCLUDES HST.
                                                       EXCLUDES HST.
                                                                                            EXCLUDES HST.
                 $139 ($162) BI€WEEKLY PAYMENT REQUIRED.
         Colts Then & Now: Chris Smart
                                                       $178 ($183) BI€WEEKLY PAYMENT REQUIRED.
          No monthly finance payments for 120 Days (payment deferral) available to eligible retail customers who finance a new and previously unregistered Mazda model (on approved credit through Scotiabank) from an authorized Mazda dealer in Canada. No interest accrues during the first 90
         days. Contract will be extended accordingly. After this period, interest begins to accrue and the purchaser will repay principal and interest over the term (but not until 120 days after the contract date). Customers are responsible for the down payment (if applicable), licence, and insurance
         payment upon contract signing. Offer subject to change/cancellation without notice. Offer period January 5 – February 1, 2021. ▲0.5% APR Purchase Financing is available on all new 2021 models. Terms vary by model. Representative example based on a financed amount of $30,639 for the
         2021 CX-5 GX (NVXL81AA00) the cost of borrowing for a 36-month term is $237, monthly payment is $858 with $0 down payment, total finance obligation is $30,876. Offer includes freight and P.D.E. of $1,950, $10 OMVIC fee, $20.00 Tire Stewardship fee (all models – covering the cost to
         Mazda Canada of collecting and recycling tires), $100 Air Conditioning charge and $59.38 PPSA. Offer excludes HST. ▼i-Activ AWD Credit offer is available to qualifying retail customers who cash purchase/finance/lease a select new and previously unregistered, in-stock 2020/2021 Mazda
         model from an authorized Mazda dealer in Canada between January 5 – February 1, 2021. Eligible models and maximum credit amounts are: $500 on 2021 Mazda3/Mazda3 Sport, 2020/2021 CX-3, 2021 CX-30; $750 on 2020 Mazda3/Mazda3 Sport; $1,000 on 2020/2021 Mazda6,
         2021 MX-5 ST, 2021 MX-5 RF, 2020/2021 CX-5, 2020/2021 CX-9 models. Customer can elect to substitute a cash discount in place of i-Activ AWD Credit. Cash discount substitute applied before taxes. Some conditions apply. See dealer for complete details. *To learn more about the
         By David Murphy
         Mazda Unlimited Warranty, go to †NOTE: Weekly lease offers shown above are for informational purposes only. Lease payments cannot actually be made on a weekly basis and are made on a bi-weekly basis. Offer available on retail leases of new 2021 Mazda3 GX 6AT
         (DVXK81CP00)/2021 CX-5 GX (NVXL81AA00)/2021 CX-9 GS AWD (QXSM81AA00) with a lease APR of 2.95%/2.95%/2.45% and 104/104/104 bi-weekly payments of $139/$178/$219 for 48/48/48 months, the total lease obligation is $15,038/$18,467/$24,456, including down payment
         (or equivalent trade-in) of $595/$0/$1,695. Offer available on retail leases of new 2021 Mazda3 GS AWD (DXSL81AA00)/2021 CX-5 GX AWD (NXXL81AA00) with a lease APR of 2.95%/2.95% and 104/104 bi-weekly payments of $162/$183 for 48/48 months, the total lease obligation
         is $17,403/$19,048, including down payment (or equivalent trade-in) of $595/$0. As shown, Offered Pricing for new 2021 Mazda3 GT (DVTL81AA00)/2021 CX-5 GT AWD (NXTN81AA00)/2021 CX-9 GT AWD (QXTM81AA00) with a lease APR of 2.95%/2.95%/2.45% and 104/104/104
         bi-weekly payments of $173/$219/$259 for 48/48/48 months, the total lease obligation is $18,600/$22,816/$28,622, including down payment (or equivalent trade-in) of $595/$0/$1,695. Lease payments include freight and P.D.E. of $1,750/$1,950/$1,950, $10 OMVIC fee (all models),
           marty  was the  nickname  given  to  Morgantown,
         $20.00 Tire Stewardship Fee (all models – covering the cost to Mazda Canada of collecting and recycling tires), $100 Air Conditioning charge (all models), $350 Lease Dealer Service Fee (all models) and PPSA of $75.28/$75.28/$75.28. First bi-weekly payment is due at lease inception. 20,000
         km per year mileage allowance applies; if exceeded, additional 8¢ per km applies (12¢ per km for CX-9 models). Offers exclude HST. Offered leasing available to retail customers only. Licence, insurance, taxes and down payment (where applicable) are extra and may be required at the time of
         purchase. Dealer order/trade may be necessary on certain vehicles. Offers valid January 5 – February 1, 2021, while supplies last. Lease and finance on approved credit for qualified customers only. Offers subject to change without notice. Visit or see your dealer for complete details.
        SWest Virginia native Chris Smart while he spent
        his one and only CJHL season with the Cornwall Colts
        during  the  2000-01  season.    He  finished  that  season
                                    Studio #: 1202926 scoring with
        with the Junior A squad fourth in team      FILE: 21_ON_January_Nwsp_01R.indd  PP: Maria Goss/Sherri ODonnell  Created: 12-3-2020 12:32 PM  COLOURS:
                    Photographers name: None
                    Usage info: None   JWT #: 1202908  Sauce Designer: VB       SD: VB        Saved: 1-6-2021 11:30 AM   Cyan
        65 points in 55 games and was known as a heads-up                       AD: None      Printed: 1-6-2021 11:30 AM   Magenta
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        player.                     Job Name: Ontario January DAA  Safety: 10.8" x 10.514"  Gutter: None  CW: None  Print Scale: None   Black
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          “Game days at the Si Miller  Arena and winning          Publication: Caledon Citizen  ACD: None  Type: Newspaper
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                                                                  Ad#: 21_ON_January_Nwsp_01R
        the CJHL Championship are my favourite memories
                                    DOC PATH: Macintosh HD:Users:vbracko:WPP Cloud:Teams_Sauce_Clients - Mazda:1202926_MZD_ON_January_DAA:21_ON_January_Nwsp_01R.indd
                                    FONTS: ITC Zapf Dingbats (Medium; Type 1), Mazda Type (Regular, Bold, Medium; OpenType), Zapf Dingbats (Regular; True Type)
        of Cornwall,” said Smart. “It was just an awesome
                                    IMAGES: 20_M3_3QF_GT_SoulRedCrystal_Lights_News_S.psd   CMYK   322 ppi  93.05%  Users:vbracko:WPP Cloud:Teams_Sauce_Clients - Mazda:1202925_MZD_West_January_DAA:Supplied:Links:20_M3_3QF_GT_SoulRedCrystal_Lights_News_S.psd
                                    20_CX5_3QF_GT_SoulRed_News_S.psd   CMYK   320 ppi  93.74%  Users:vbracko:WPP Cloud:Teams_Sauce_Clients - Mazda:1202925_MZD_West_January_DAA:Supplied:Links:20_CX5_3QF_GT_SoulRed_News_S.psd
        atmosphere to play in.”     21_CX9_3QF_GT_SoulRed_Flop_S_News.psd  CMYK   381 ppi  78.74%  Users:vbracko:WPP Cloud:Teams_Sauce_Clients - Mazda:1202925_MZD_West_January_DAA:Supplied:Links:21_CX9_3QF_GT_SoulRed_Flop_S_News.psd
                             56.04%   Users:vbracko:WPP Cloud:Teams_Sauce_Clients -
                                    21_CX5_Interior_1_News.psd   CMYK   1197 ppi    25.05%  Users:vbracko:WPP Cloud:Teams_Sauce_Clients - Mazda:1202925_MZD_West_January_DAA:Supplied:Links:21_CX5_Interior_1_News.psd
                                    21_CX5_WinterBadge_News.psd   CMYK   387 ppi  77.46%  Users:vbracko:WPP Cloud:Teams_Sauce_Clients - Mazda:1202925_MZD_West_January_DAA:Supplied:Links:21_CX5_WinterBadge_News.psd
                    IMAGE USED IN PREVIOUS JWT DOCKET #’S:
          Following a run at the Fred Page Cup which fell just
                                    21_CX5_Exterior_11_News.psd  CMYK   808 ppi  37.13%  Users:vbracko:WPP Cloud:Teams_Sauce_Clients - Mazda:1202925_MZD_West_January_DAA:Supplied:Links:21_CX5_Exterior_11_News.psd
        short  in  the  tournament  final  in  Coaticook,  Quebec,
        Smart followed his junior hockey days with a four-year
        run at the University of Vermont.
          His Catamount roommate was former Colts All-Star
        defenseman, Derek Wagar.  “Wags and I stay in touch
        a lot since we both still live in the Burlington area.”
        Smart says they still compete but on the golf course,
        “It’s been a little different this past year (with COVID),
        but I managed to dominate him on the links once.”                                                                                                  Photo Submitted
          Smart  likes  to acknowledge  Lynd “Woody”
        MacDonald, who scouted him at Northwood Prep,
        along with Colts GM, Al Wagar. “We had a great staff
        with a lot of talented players,” said Smart.  “It was an                                               Smart keeps in shape by skating with his University
        awesome year, nothing but great memories.”           Smart says his hockey playing  days allowed     Alumni once a week, along with former Cornwall Aces
                                                           him  to pursue dental  school, taking  a residency  for
          Long-time Colts fans will recall that team had no less  Endodontics.  He’s  been  practicing  Endodontics  in   standout, Aaron Miller.
        than 13 players move on to scholarships or graduate to  Vermont since 2013. Chris Smart and his wife, Gillian   About playing hockey and life in general, Smart says that
        higher levels of junior or semi-pro hockey.        have been married since 2006 and have three daughters. dedication and hard work will always pay off in the end.
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