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6          Issue #98  March 2021                                                       

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           911               Checking In with Our First Responders

                                      Cornwall SDG Paramedic Services

                                                                     By Kevin Gillis

                                    “In a Heartbeat” Detect a Stroke - FAST

                                 Have you recently noticed ads on buses, billboards, or on our ambulances about how to spot a
                                stroke? If so, you have likely noticed the acronym F.A.S.T. The letters each stand for something that could help you
                                recognize a stroke. Knowing the acronym can help you save someone from permanent disability or even death.
                                F – Facial droop,                                   for stroke, but they are more effective when delivered early after
                                                                                    symptoms start. The longer people wait to get to the hospital, the
                                A – Arm weakness,
                                                                                    less effective the treatments will be.
                                S – Speech difficulties,
                                                                                    Wondering what you can do? The answer is simple. If possible, try
                                T – Time to call 911!
          Once a symptom of stroke is evident, every minute saved in getting        to note the time you first observed the symptoms. That information
                                                                                    will help physicians determine the most appropriate and safest
          the victim to a specialized stroke center can mitigate and, ideally,
                                                                                    treatment options for the victim. It is also very important to not
          reverse any debilitating symptoms caused by this potentially deadly       delay or wait to see if the symptoms subside - call 911 right away.
                                                                                    If you are showing symptoms of a stroke in yourself or others,
          A stroke occurs when a blood vessel in the brain either has a clot
          or it ruptures. This deprives part of the brain of blood and oxygen       don’t wait even a few minutes. Quick treatment can save lives and
          and brain cells soon start to die. There are very effective treatments    greatly improve quality of life after a stroke.

                                                      Cornwall Fire Services

                                                              with Chief Jeff Weber

                                                                 Change the hour, check the power.
                                On Sunday, March 14, your cell phone clock will automatically move time ahead by an hour.
                                You will likely have to make the change yourself on your microwave, oven, and wall clocks. While you’re at it, check
                               the power on your smoke detector. Here’s how:
                                1.     Press and hold the button on your smoke alarm.
                                2.     The alarm should sound.
                         3.     If your alarm has no button, you should purchase a new smoke alarm. Your current one is outdated.
                 4.     If the alarm does not sound, try replacing the battery.
          Smoke alarms save lives. Maintaining and testing your smoke alarm should be part of your regular household maintenance routine. Test all
          your smoke alarms once a month.
          Change the batteries in all smoke alarms once a year, or when the low-battery warning sounds, or follow the manufacturer’s recommenda-
          Every two years thoroughly clean the exterior of the smoke alarm with the soft bristle attachment on the vacuum cleaner. Every ten years
          replace your smoke alarm.
          Make sure you have smoke alarms outside each bedroom, and on each level of your home, including the basement.
          Your family should also have an escape plan in case of fire. Make sure everyone knows two ways out of each room, if possible. Make sure
          all your exits are easy to use and are not blocked by furniture or other items. Decide ahead of time who will help young children, older
          adults, and other household members who may need help. Choose a meeting place outside, such as a tree or a lamp post, where everyone
          can be accounted for. Call 911 once you’re outside the home, using a cell phone or a neighbour’s phone.
          Once out, stay out. Never go back inside a burning building.
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