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                                          Wishin’ I was Fishin’...

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        Fishin’ with Brandon Elliottt

        By Molly Kett

            ocal  fisherman  Brandon  Elliott
        Lwas born and raised in Iroquois,
        Ontario and he grew up fishing on the
        St.  Lawrence  River.  He’s  32-years-
        old,  works  in  construction,  and  he
        loves to fish in his spare time.

          “What  I  like  the  most  about
        fishing is the peacefulness and being
        outdoors.  I  find  it  is  a  good  stress
        relief  after  working  long  hours  in
        construction,” said Elliott.

          Elliott has been fishing for so long,
        that his earliest memory of spending
        time lakeside with a fishing pole dates
        back to when he was three-year-old.

          “My  earliest  fishing  memory
        was  when  I  was  about  three  years
        old,  fishing  with  my  dad  at  Crysler
        Marina when he caught a 21-pound
        pike,”  said  Elliott.  “My  favourite
        fishing  memory  was  when  I  fished
        in the World Junior Carp tournament
        in Waddington, New York. I placed
        third in the tournament. Competitors
        were from the U.S., Europe, Canada,
        and other countries.”
          Although Elliott has quite a bit of        Photos Submitted
        fishing experience, his favourite place
        to fish still remains his local spot: the  not always about the size of the fish   a good eating fish. I do like catching
        St. Lawrence River between Cardinal  caught,  it’s  the  enjoyment  of  being   pike too. They seem to be abundant,
        and Morrisburg. Next, though, Elliott  outdoors.”                           give you a good fight, and they are
        says  that  he  would  like  to  fish  the   With so much fishing experience, it   one of the larger fish to catch.”
        Fraser River in BC for sturgeons.
                                               comes as no surprise that Elliott has   One  thing  that’s  important  for
          There are so many reasons Elliott  a  few  notable  catches,  including  a   Elliott is that generations of fisherman
        has kept up his passion for the sport  16-pound pike, 12.5-pound walleye,   will  be  able  to  enjoy  this  sport  for
        from such a young age.                 10-pound  rainbow  trout,  36-pound   years to come.
                                               carp, and a 6-pound smallmouth bass
          “Fishing  is  very  relaxing  and                                            “Fishing is a sport for the young and
                                               to name a few.
        rewarding, especially when you catch                                        old, and it is very important that you
        your  first  fish,”  said  Elliott.  “You   According  to  Elliott,  he  likes  to   practice catch and release so the fish
        have to be patient because you could  catch  walleye  best.    “They  are  a   will be there for the next generation
        go out and not even get a bite.  It’s  harder fish to catch, and they are also   of fisherman,” says Elliott.

                                               Let The Good Times Roll
                                               Let The Good Times Roll

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