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        Issue No. 94
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          Energy  News
                                                                                                                                      December 12, 2020

                                                                                                 Stories And More About The People In Stormont, Dundas & Glengarry

        Life and Lacrosse with Jacob Ruest

          thinking of selling your home?       By Victoria Klassen

                                                acob Ruest began playing lacrosse
                                              Jwhen he was six years old beginning
                                              at the Tyke level in Cornwall. He played
                                  K6j 1a1     lacrosse in the summer and hockey in the
                                              winter until deciding to focus on lacrosse
                   Since 1959                 as he entered university.

         savingS are substantial & simple       Ruest, 27, has been  playing  in the
                                              National Lacrosse League (NLL) since
                                              2016 with the Colorado Mammoth.
                                              This season, he was traded to the New
                                              England Black Wolves.
                                                “New England is a team  that has
                                              done  really  well  in  years  past.  I’m
             versus paying a 5% real estate commission.  looking forward to contributing to their
             seller savings compared to paying a hypothetical 5% commission including HST.   offence  and their whole team structure
                                              in general,” Ruest shared. “It will be a
                                              better opportunity for travel being on the
                                              east coast and it’ll be great having more                                                      Submitted Photo
                                              family and friends coming to the games.
                                              The one thing I take from this is that it’s
                                              a positive thing for me - it will allow me   battle alongside whoever you’re on the  concentration in sport management from
         CHEESEBURGER                         to grow and have new opportunities.”   floor with,” said Ruest.             the University of Ottawa. While the NLL
                                                                                                                          season is on hold, Ruest is busy working
                                                                                      This mentality  is one that  Ruest has
                 LOVERS                         NLL  teams  would  normally  be     had  since  his days  playing  lacrosse  in   at ProPacts and Lululemon, is in the
                   At participating locations. Excludes taxes.  practicing together by now, but this has   Cornwall.      process of publishing his paper and some
                                              been  difficult  due  to  COVID-19  and
                            2for 5            border closures. Ruest has been finding   “A lot of the memories when I think   articles, and is continuing with training
                           Singles            ways to keep up with  his training,  about lacrosse go back to the memories   to stay in shape for lacrosse season.
                                              including home workouts, conditioning,  as kids playing for Cornwall  Minor   “The  environment  I grew up in,  the
                                              biking, skateboarding,  hiking, and  Lacrosse.  Going to Provincials  in    sport environment in Cornwall, and the
           2for 7                             running. When the NLL season is able to  Kitchener and spending time on the bus   people and support systems - they’re
                   $ $
           Doubles                            start, Ruest will be ready.           together. We were essentially the same   really  what helped  me  achieve  the
                                                “Every time you join a team, you’re   group of players that developed for 10   next  level,”  Ruest  expressed. “Without
             1307 Pitt St. (corner of 13th) Cornwall     playing for the guy beside you, you’re   years together,” Ruest remembered.   having that framework and background
                 613-938-6772                 playing as brothers. As soon as you step   Ruest  recently  graduated  with  a  in Cornwall, I don’t think I would be the
                                              on  the  floor  together,  you’re  going  to  Master’s in Human Kinetics with a  athlete or person I am today.”
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